Swimming lessons!

The joys of water are always underestimated by adults. Kids, for some strange reason, can find hours of fun in the water. Jumping in puddles, running in the rain, and running trough a sprinkler.

Well, Matisse is well on his way to becoming an olympic swimmer(He jumped from the Walrus group to the Dolphins!), Alvin is only taking is first “official” swimming lessons.

His excitement ends when his toes touch the water, and the trembling of chill and mild fear sets in. But, once he calms down, he is able to kind of float on his back and keep his head under water for 5 seconds!

He even, at the last challenge of the day, was able to jump into the water and smile when he floats back up to the surface.

At the end of each lesson, as usual, he is always excitement by the new found skills that he can share with Mom, Manou and his big brother.

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