Spring cleaning and planting!

Let’s be honest, who likes spring cleaning? The leftovers from the winters play ground. People tend to drop things and they end up on the ground, no to be seen until the thaw and melting of the spring.

Well, we decided to do a little more cleaning of the yard since company was coming over for Easter celebrations. We walked around and picked up the garbage and through it away, recycled what we could, and composted the rest.

I also had some potatoes that have been around a little too long and either needed composting or planting. If truth be told, I was saving them for planting, so that we could grow a few of our own.

Alvin and Matisse helped move the plant pots to the blueberry garden, and filled them with dirt. They each got three potatoes and a shovel. They both planted their potatoes. Now, the many week caring and waiting until we get some of our own fresh potatoes.

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