Big Brother off biking with friends

When the Matissse decides to go off biking with his friends and Alvins bike is out of commission, Alvin, is unhappy. He really wants to go out on the road with Matisse and all the friends. No go. Alvin is mad, sad and frustrated all wrapped into one.

After Matisse spons away I offer to go to the park with him. He gladly accepts. It was a chilly day, and we dress warmly. We head to parc Marbourogh.

I saw that day that when not influenced by Matisse desires or dislikes, Alvin can go play with out worrying about his big brothers wished. He was allowed to be himself. I enjoyed that, because at times, Alvin is trying to be so much like Matisse, the coolest big brother ever. But, Matisse is not one to reciprocate all the time.

I am glad we were able to hang out together and we have some fun on the chilly day.

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