First overnight scouting adventure!

Okay, maybe the title does push the boundaries of the limits of exaggeration. Adventure might be a big word, but when put in context, it might fit for the uninitiated.

Team effort- fish in training

We have a new swimmer in the house who still has a bit of apprehension about going to his swimming lessons. So much so that he refuses to go, but

Tired swimmer and energetic little guy

Matisse came home from another successful day of swimming. He was tired when we asked him if he wanted to go for a walk. It was only 7PM. He wanted

Swimming lessons!

The joys of water are always underestimated by adults. Kids, for some strange reason, can find hours of fun in the water. Jumping in puddles, running in the rain, and running trough a sprinkler. Well, Matisse is well on his way to becoming an olympic swimmer(He jumped from the Walrus Continue Reading