Saturday or swimming, and then some!

Our day was busy, and still had fun!

Swimming started off the end of the morning where Alvin went to swimming, and Matisse went to his new possible high school.

Alvin and I mad e quick, and slightly late walk to the YMCA. Once there, he rushed over to his class.

While Alvin was swimming, I bumped into Georges’ parents(George from scouts). Turns out he takes lessons at the YMCA as well. When Alvin was done, he came over and said HI to Georges’ parents.

Matisse saved the day and brought a trowel . I forgot to get Alvins towel.

While waiting for Matisse to finish his class, Alvin and I headed out to the playground at the YMCA and had some fun.

After the lessons, we headed over to the library to return some books.

On our walk home, we stopped at a persons house with large crab apples. They were home so we asked if they would mind if we picked them They agreed with no problem. Yeah! We will be making some new crap apple jelly:)

When we finally got home, we had a little rest before the grand event of the day: Melissa’s birthday! The boys could not wait to go. Matisse always love family gatherings: LOTS OF FOOD!

The boys played all night. Alvin tended to bounce around as usual. Matisse hung out with his cousins and played a few games.

By the time the festivities were over, we got home and it was almost 9PM.

A great way to end our day:)

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Walk to the park!

Another long day that we decided to end it with a walk to the park. Mom was out with a friend for dinner, and we headed out.

Our walks are also colorful, since all three of us talk about different things. Matisse starts off unsmiley, but does not take long that he is a cheery and active part of the conversation. Alvin, he cheery inquisitive self is always asking questions.

Once we arrived, the park had a few visitors. Not full like on a Saturday afternoon when it is beautiful out, but enough to make it interesting.

I sat down for a few minutes and let Matisse and Alvin do thee thing. Matisse could not rsist the call of the excersize equipment and jumped on them to start showing me how strong he is by dong some chin ups. He could do 4 of them. Well, 4 more than me:) Alvin, I think that he found himself a new calling in life. We will call him the Goose Gatherer! He decided to make himself at home in the middle of a flock of feeding geese who were happily razing away ad finding out little food to eat. He was walking around with them acting like a little goose himself.

It did not take long that Matisse, who only a few minutes earlier was calling Alvin silly for playing with the geese, jumped in the game himself with the geese was was chasing the geese right along with his silly little brother:) He couldn’t resist:) They had so much fun that they chased all the geese away!!

Then it was time for all of to start our daily excersize routine. All of us tried doing pushups(or modified easier ones of the less strong like me;-)

After our work out, we headed on home to find mom had already arrived, and heading for her walk! We are all getting in shape:)

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Staycation before Minnesota!

We had an extra day to hang out in our home town. We were going to play a bit, work a little and have some fun.

After a filling pancake, sausage and bake potato pieces, they boys found the neighborhood kids and went out for a play.

We went to the local park and played frisbee a bit and after they got bored, we headed home. After that, the great rollerblade session was planned.

Unfortunately, Alvin had a fall on his bike, and the rollerblading was cancelled. Alvin got a good scrape on the side of his knee cap. This needed cleaning and bandaging. He also hit his mouth on something when he fell, and his loose tooth popped out. I was more worried about his other teeth in case they were damaged. After a quick worried inspection, they seemed to be okay.

After a bit of relaxing, and supper, we went for an outing to a local park not too far from the house. We discovered a recently installed kids playground at the Ahuntsic park. Both Matisse and Alvin proved to us the amazing feats of running up a giant hill.

Every one was rewarded for the amazing running skills by a cool ice cream cone:)

Then we went home and went o bed:)

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The flight that never was…

You know the feelings. The ones that you have when you have an upcoming trip/vacation. You are excited to go, and are counting down the days. Looking forward to the departure date.

Well, we were exactly that. We even had a chalkboard that we used to count downto the final day! As corny as that sounds, that is what we did:)

The final day arrived and we were more or less packed. Matisse and Alvin all set to do. Mom, her cool, calm and collected composure. Me, about the same.

We hopped in the car to head off to the airport. We arrive at about 2:30PM, and parked the car. We noted the exact location, so when we come back form our trip, we’d more easily find the car.

We arrived at check in, and and with so few people, we breezed through. Wed quickly sped through the area where they scanned us and our bags. Simple. American border crossing, only about 60-70 people were ahead of us. We were happy! Not a long wait. We got through there in maybe 15 minutes. Yes!!!

We were inside the airport. We can relax and just let time go by while we wait for the plane. We decided to have a celebatory meal at Houstons. Nice bar and grill sort of restaurant. It was pretty good.

When we were almost done, Myrtelle got an unexpected email from Air Canada. Yikes! The flight was cancelled!!!! These happened justr before 5PM. Our flight was for 6:30PM.

No details on what was to follow. We were expecting a follow up email to let su know hwo we woudl eb recheduled. Over an hour later, no news. I decided to go ask the lady at the air canada counter at our departure gate. After she was finished helping someone, she basically said that she could nto help me, an dpointed off to a departure gate down the hallway, that was for customer service.

Once there, the line was 50-60 people long.We hopped in line and it was about 6:30PM.

Over an hour later, and not even half of the others had been served. WE did eventually get another email from Air Canada, a little after 8PM. They had rescheduled us in 2 days time, but not on a direct flight., arriving 2 hours later. Good thing, we no longer had to wait in line. Bad thing, we lost two days from our planned vacation. WE decided to have a mini staycation, and have some fun.

We went home to start our next fun filled two days!

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Sleep over, the start of more to come…

The idea was planted a week earlier. The four neighborhood stooges(Matisse, Marlone, Mohamed and Naveed) had this great idea of a sleep over at our house. Well, 4 and 1/2 stooges actually(the 1/2 being Alvin of course!). The following weekend was going to be a madhouse of a time with all the buddies over. Video games and other crazy things to do!!

Things deviated when the location was going to be changed Naveeds house.

It was mentioned once, and I asked why the need the change. In the end, the sleepover was at our house.

Friday night rolls around and the idea was to have a food pizza, video games and some other activities. Marlone and Naveed almost did not show up. After a little discussion, they all showed up, and we decided on the kinds of pizza toppings that they all wanted.

They all then ran down and played FIFA soccer on Mohameds’ playstation. They played for a good while after eating pizza, and at one point, Naveed and Marlone decided to head on home, since they were not staying the night. The two and a half stooges who remained, ended up “going to bed” since it was too late.

But, silly as I was, I believed them! Joke was on me. They stayed down there talking for the next hour or so before silence finally took over and dreams floated in…

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Alvin, the basics, almost…

While Alvin loves the water when playing at the local park with his friends, he has certain reservations when going to his weekly lesson at the YMCA. He can start off his lesson in the cheeriest of moods, but some where in those 45 minutes, his mood changes and he is afraid of the water and all that has to do with swimming. When all was good, he loved swimming, but when he was unhappy, he wanted out.

The last lesson had just a couple more moves that he needed to demonstrate his ability to swim. While he tried, he just had not yet mastered them

He will be repeating the otter level of swimming lessons again. I am still super proud of Alvin, because going into these lessons, which were his first lessons ever, he knows much more coming out of this class than he did going into it. We will be practicing his swimming during the summer so that the time he signs up for the Otter class in the fall, he will be well practiced and will do much better and less nervous about being in the water:) I am looking forward to the day that he gets his card at the end of the class when he graduates to the Dolphin class!!! Matisse will have competition soon!

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Birthday today! 7!

This day was anticipated long before it arrived. The count down was done many moons prior to the day of festivities. He was 7, long before he actually got there:)

From the moment that he got up, Alvin was ready for his day. His gleam in his smile, and the spring in his step. This was his day, and he was sharing it with all of us.

The house was cleaned with care, and the food was prepared with love all for the little guy!

whet the guests finally arrived at 3PM, the birthday boy was ready to great them at the door. All the neighboorhood kids showed up: Maliq, Sara, Mohamed, Marlone, and Naveed. As the afternoon went on, the aunties, and cousins showed up as well. The party was in full swing and Alvin was smiles all the way!

There was plenty to eat. Even a Mignon cake and a ice cream cake for all to eat.

I did notice that during the evening, 4 distinct groups formed:

  • little people – Sara, Maliq and Alvin
  • adolescents – Mohamed, Naveed and Matisse (and Alvin too when he bounced between groups)
  • teenagers Melissa, Jean Marc and Maxim (and Alvin too when he bounced between groups)
  • adults – all the aunties (and Alvin too when he bounced between groups)
  • Dad just bounced around playing referee when needed, but mainly hung out with the little people making sure that they had fun

When present time arrived, Alvin was front and center, ready to receive the gifts form all his admirers. He was is such a joyful mood, as to be expected from a birthday boy.

By the time the guests were ready to go home, Alvin was definitely ready for a good long sleep:) He deserved it after a great performance!

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Matisse, officially off to swimmers level!

How is it possible,. Just over two years ago, my little Matisse was a beginner swimmer, did not want to do the lesson that was asked of him by the teacher more than once. Meaning, he would not get better.

For some reason, after hitting the dolphins level, he got interested in really learning how to swim. He liked going back, and learning new things.

Today, I have the pleasure of learning that not only does Matisse love swimming even more. He also advanced to the next level of swimming: Nageurs(swimmer)

He will now officially learning how to swim. 🙂 The basics are now mastered. My master fish is ready for the next level of fishdom!

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New room projects

The new room was coming along just nicely. The pieces to put more details of the room had arrived. Now, the boys just needed to put them together.

I asked Matisse to read the instructions and do the best that he could. By the time I arrived, his bed was at least half built. This was great!

When I started helping, things hit a snag. Things were not fitting right, and after reading the instructions, a couple of the items were backwards, which forced us to undo part of what was already done, in order to flip the piece around. Well, a certain Matisse started to grumble because he did not want undo everything. Unless we undo it, and rebuild things, it would not work out, I told him. He grumbled some more, and started helping fix the mistake.

The extra effort to undo things paid off. Once we fixed the mistake, all the pieces fit together and the bed when together relatively quickly.

The bedroom was one step closer to being finished…

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Weekened of adventure!

It started off like any other weekend, except that we had the luck to be able to walk to Matisse’s swimming lesson, because mom had the car, and it was sunny! He, of course, was grumbling because he wanted to ride a bike. Dad wanted a good walk and fresh air. Dad prevailed 😉 We had a good walk to the YMCA.

While Matisse was inside working on his Dolphin level swimming skills, Alvin and I hung out inside the YMCA and he ran around about making friends as usual. We eventually went outside and played on the equipment outside. Matisse made his way outside after his lesson and we had a good walk home and found an some delicious pizza waiting for us. MMMmmm….

Matisse had been bringing up the idea of buying a present for his friend who was moving to another neighborhood. He was getting pretty persistent. So, when we woke up in the morning, I told Matisse that yes, we could go find his friend a present. But, he will come with us to Alvin’s swimming lesson to encourage his little brother. Afterwards, we will head to his toy store to find a present. He quickly accepted the offer.

During Alvin’s lesson, Matisse was called on for his smiley face and encouragement to help his little brother. He was actually happy to help;-) Alvins courageous face and strong “I can do it” act did not last the whole lesson, but more than 2/3’s of it. I was happy with that!

After our traditional “long hot shower” after our lesson, we headed off to the toy store. Toys R us was our destination.

Upon arrival, the boys had their eyes everywhere with excitement. There were nothing but toys. After looking around and not knowing where to go, we finally asked where the BayBlades were located. There was a they realization that did not come cheap. So, after looking at all the options and considering our budget, Matisse chose hsi gift, and Alvon found one too.

Then the next requests were so predictable. Dad, what about something for me? All I want is this, or that. Then I gave him the option of buying a present for his friend, or something for himself. He wrestled with it for a bit, but finally decided that he wanted to give his friend a gift more than one for himself.

Off we set off to have lunch. We decided on one of two restaurants. A new Mexican restaurant that we found next to Toy’s R Us, or another restaurant a short drive away. We all seemed to be on board for the mexican restaurant, but Matisse did not want to walk to it. He insisted that I drive the car 100 feet so that he did not have to walk so far. I stepped out of the car and started walking with Alvin. Matisse grumbled as he followed…

We jumped in line and waited until it was out turn to order. There were to many options. We decided on ordering: 3 tacos, or mega burrito and a plate of nachos. We ordered them with a variety of ingredients each! When we got the order at the table, we knew that we went over board:) In a good way!

We ate the nachos and tacos, no problem. But, after a couple small bites each, we went home with the burrito! It was giant! Left overs:)

Later that evening, I got Alvin and Matisse out for a walk. It was evening, but it was still light out, and not too chilly.

We headed down to the Beaisejour park by the river. It was a nice walk, but there were a small number of mosquitos. We just kept walking a few steps ahead of them. Then, I made a bad call… Instead of heading home, I took the path that leads behind the hospital. There were a few mosquitos, like in thr park. Matisse was complaining about them. It only got worse once we got to the bridge section of the path that is over the spring time water pond. The mosquitos only got worse, and I told both Alvin and Matisse to walk faster. NO luck. They seemed to love Matisse more that Alvin and I, and he got more than his fair share of bites.

We survived the walk and Matisse was unhappy with me for that walk, understandably. After a good night sleep, all was forgotten, well, almost…

The next day, we were off on a bike ride. We went through mosquito forest with little issue. We made it to the park and the boys started to fly their drones. My bad luck returned and the mosquitos found Matisse and Naveed. Not Alvin and I as much. Matisse wanted to go home… So we did…

I hope that our future rides are less, we’ll say, adventurous!!!!

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