Litttle Guppy surprises as usual!

Every parent is biased in their view of things. I’ll admit it from the start. Would you? 😉

Alvin is a little boy who loves to praise swimming and all the good things that he will do in the water, but when it is time to go for his lesson, he is 100%, dead set against going, or even getting in the water!

Today was no different! He would not get ready, , then when he was dressed, he would not go to the car. When we finally got to the pool, he was still not going to get in the water. After a little coaxing, we took the stairs into the water. Reluctantly he followed.

He is a little boy who while he wants to learn how to swim, he is scared of the water and that he might sink, even when dad is right there holding on to him.

As usual, by the end of the lesson, and he super happy, after having learned how to glide on his back and he kind of succeeded on gliding on his belly. The great moment was when he jumped into the water, twice! One more great achievement to share with Mom, big brother and grandma.

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