Garage and bicycles – go hand in hand

Matisse and Alvin want to ride their bikes! All kids love riding bikes(even big kids!). That new found freedom to travel faster that the wind.

Well, when the bike is not working, that puts a damper on those springtime dreams.

After buying the derailleur and fixing the little piece that connects the derailleur and the frame, last week, we can install it.

Matisses bike needed the derailleurs and adjustment of it. But, before getting to that, I realized that the peice connecting the derailleur to the frame had its threads messed up a little. I was going to just try and buy a new one. But, while cleaning the garage a little I ended u p finding my tap and die tool kit. I was able to correct the threads and I was then able to connect the derailleur! MY inheritance from my dearest dad has not served we twice:) Two ore times that I ever thought.

I then proceeded adjust gears and Matisse was good to go!

Alven, on th eother hand, was not so lucky:( WE adjusted the gears! yeah! We installed missing break cable, almost…

There was the screw that was needed on the break system to hold the wire that was missing. The bike store was closed, so Alvin would have to wait a few more days to ride his beloved bicycle… Sorry Alvin:(

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