Team effort- fish in training

We have a new swimmer in the house who still has a bit of apprehension about going to his swimming lessons. So much so that he refuses to go, but with a little encouragement, he makes his way to the car, and begrudgingly gets in.

Today, the same thing happened. He was adamant about not wanting to go. It was not any worse than normal, but I was hoping that he’d get a little better with time. But, this was not the case.

I know that I can encourage him the best I can, but needless to say, this does not always work. So, I decided to try another strategy. I enlisted the hello of dear old mom. She happily agreed and along with big brother, we all hopped in the car and and went to Alvins lesson together. Mom had an immediate impact. He was still scared, but the mom factor helped:)

While I was in the water with Alvin, Alvin was always able to get a glimpse of encouragement by looking over his shoulder. Every time he succeeded in something, he looked for moms smiling face and clapping hands to reassure him of his success.

Between moms presence and the teachers constant appraisals of his good efforts, our little fish will find his way up the stream, I am sure of it…

Next week, big brother will be by the poolside to cheer him on, and we will find a time to get some swim time so that he can practice with his big brother and dad. This will hopefully add to his confidence.

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