First overnight scouting adventure!

Okay, maybe the title does push the boundaries of the limits of exaggeration. Adventure might be a big word, but when put in context, it might fit for the uninitiated. So, I’ll use it.

Since joining the local scout group last fall(after waiting a year and a half due to the pandemic), the activities have been limited to weekly meetings. Which are a good thing, since Matisse and Alvin got to meet a whole new group of kids and have new activities to do. But, there had been no other activities besides the weekly meeting. Time was right to do something else!

There was to be a sleep over for. New scouts need to do an over night activity away from home. This close to home, away from parents trip will help the younger scouts get used top away form home activities.

The night started on a good note. After some fun and games, the scouters had a search and find game which grouped older and younger kids together. I loved that. Little ones learning and encouraged by older ones:)

After the game, the main attraction of the night was launched. Bad Boys was screened. But, as the night went on, the kids slowly left the movie and “watched” it from a distance. They were more than likely playing another movie or a game. Only the adults were left watching the movie:)

It was then bed time. All were off to bed, but some stayed up later than others:) The older ones(adults ) and younger ones(beavers) were likely out first.

But, Alvin could not sleep and was restless. Half an hour later, he was moved from his friends and slept with me:) Something about arms and legs rolling on top of me was not conducive to sleeping!! I had to ask him to stop more than once to go back to sleep, and not on me. He eventually fell asleep, as did I:)

I was, as to my biological flaw predicts, the first to actually wake up. But, I was tired enough to just stay laying down. More comfortable.

Bodies slowly started moving and getting up. I had a sore back form the ultra comfortable sleeping gym mat! I am getting too old.

Alvin must not have had the same sore back, since he slept for more than another hour, long after everyone else woke up. He needed a good sleep apparently.g

Matisse and Alvin enjoyed the rest of their morning with a continental style breakfast and played some more with their scouting friends.

Then we decided to head home in the chilly morning where mom was happy to see them.

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