New room projects

The new room was coming along just nicely. The pieces to put more details of the room had arrived. Now, the boys just needed to put them together.

I asked Matisse to read the instructions and do the best that he could. By the time I arrived, his bed was at least half built. This was great!

When I started helping, things hit a snag. Things were not fitting right, and after reading the instructions, a couple of the items were backwards, which forced us to undo part of what was already done, in order to flip the piece around. Well, a certain Matisse started to grumble because he did not want undo everything. Unless we undo it, and rebuild things, it would not work out, I told him. He grumbled some more, and started helping fix the mistake.

The extra effort to undo things paid off. Once we fixed the mistake, all the pieces fit together and the bed when together relatively quickly.

The bedroom was one step closer to being finished…

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