Weekened of adventure!

It started off like any other weekend, except that we had the luck to be able to walk to Matisse’s swimming lesson, because mom had the car, and it was sunny! He, of course, was grumbling because he wanted to ride a bike. Dad wanted a good walk and fresh air. Dad prevailed 😉 We had a good walk to the YMCA.

While Matisse was inside working on his Dolphin level swimming skills, Alvin and I hung out inside the YMCA and he ran around about making friends as usual. We eventually went outside and played on the equipment outside. Matisse made his way outside after his lesson and we had a good walk home and found an some delicious pizza waiting for us. MMMmmm….

Matisse had been bringing up the idea of buying a present for his friend who was moving to another neighborhood. He was getting pretty persistent. So, when we woke up in the morning, I told Matisse that yes, we could go find his friend a present. But, he will come with us to Alvin’s swimming lesson to encourage his little brother. Afterwards, we will head to his toy store to find a present. He quickly accepted the offer.

During Alvin’s lesson, Matisse was called on for his smiley face and encouragement to help his little brother. He was actually happy to help;-) Alvins courageous face and strong “I can do it” act did not last the whole lesson, but more than 2/3’s of it. I was happy with that!

After our traditional “long hot shower” after our lesson, we headed off to the toy store. Toys R us was our destination.

Upon arrival, the boys had their eyes everywhere with excitement. There were nothing but toys. After looking around and not knowing where to go, we finally asked where the BayBlades were located. There was a they realization that did not come cheap. So, after looking at all the options and considering our budget, Matisse chose hsi gift, and Alvon found one too.

Then the next requests were so predictable. Dad, what about something for me? All I want is this, or that. Then I gave him the option of buying a present for his friend, or something for himself. He wrestled with it for a bit, but finally decided that he wanted to give his friend a gift more than one for himself.

Off we set off to have lunch. We decided on one of two restaurants. A new Mexican restaurant that we found next to Toy’s R Us, or another restaurant a short drive away. We all seemed to be on board for the mexican restaurant, but Matisse did not want to walk to it. He insisted that I drive the car 100 feet so that he did not have to walk so far. I stepped out of the car and started walking with Alvin. Matisse grumbled as he followed…

We jumped in line and waited until it was out turn to order. There were to many options. We decided on ordering: 3 tacos, or mega burrito and a plate of nachos. We ordered them with a variety of ingredients each! When we got the order at the table, we knew that we went over board:) In a good way!

We ate the nachos and tacos, no problem. But, after a couple small bites each, we went home with the burrito! It was giant! Left overs:)

Later that evening, I got Alvin and Matisse out for a walk. It was evening, but it was still light out, and not too chilly.

We headed down to the Beaisejour park by the river. It was a nice walk, but there were a small number of mosquitos. We just kept walking a few steps ahead of them. Then, I made a bad call… Instead of heading home, I took the path that leads behind the hospital. There were a few mosquitos, like in thr park. Matisse was complaining about them. It only got worse once we got to the bridge section of the path that is over the spring time water pond. The mosquitos only got worse, and I told both Alvin and Matisse to walk faster. NO luck. They seemed to love Matisse more that Alvin and I, and he got more than his fair share of bites.

We survived the walk and Matisse was unhappy with me for that walk, understandably. After a good night sleep, all was forgotten, well, almost…

The next day, we were off on a bike ride. We went through mosquito forest with little issue. We made it to the park and the boys started to fly their drones. My bad luck returned and the mosquitos found Matisse and Naveed. Not Alvin and I as much. Matisse wanted to go home… So we did…

I hope that our future rides are less, we’ll say, adventurous!!!!

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