Birthday today! 7!

This day was anticipated long before it arrived. The count down was done many moons prior to the day of festivities. He was 7, long before he actually got there:)

From the moment that he got up, Alvin was ready for his day. His gleam in his smile, and the spring in his step. This was his day, and he was sharing it with all of us.

The house was cleaned with care, and the food was prepared with love all for the little guy!

whet the guests finally arrived at 3PM, the birthday boy was ready to great them at the door. All the neighboorhood kids showed up: Maliq, Sara, Mohamed, Marlone, and Naveed. As the afternoon went on, the aunties, and cousins showed up as well. The party was in full swing and Alvin was smiles all the way!

There was plenty to eat. Even a Mignon cake and a ice cream cake for all to eat.

I did notice that during the evening, 4 distinct groups formed:

  • little people – Sara, Maliq and Alvin
  • adolescents – Mohamed, Naveed and Matisse (and Alvin too when he bounced between groups)
  • teenagers Melissa, Jean Marc and Maxim (and Alvin too when he bounced between groups)
  • adults – all the aunties (and Alvin too when he bounced between groups)
  • Dad just bounced around playing referee when needed, but mainly hung out with the little people making sure that they had fun

When present time arrived, Alvin was front and center, ready to receive the gifts form all his admirers. He was is such a joyful mood, as to be expected from a birthday boy.

By the time the guests were ready to go home, Alvin was definitely ready for a good long sleep:) He deserved it after a great performance!

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