Alvin, the basics, almost…

While Alvin loves the water when playing at the local park with his friends, he has certain reservations when going to his weekly lesson at the YMCA. He can start off his lesson in the cheeriest of moods, but some where in those 45 minutes, his mood changes and he is afraid of the water and all that has to do with swimming. When all was good, he loved swimming, but when he was unhappy, he wanted out.

The last lesson had just a couple more moves that he needed to demonstrate his ability to swim. While he tried, he just had not yet mastered them

He will be repeating the otter level of swimming lessons again. I am still super proud of Alvin, because going into these lessons, which were his first lessons ever, he knows much more coming out of this class than he did going into it. We will be practicing his swimming during the summer so that the time he signs up for the Otter class in the fall, he will be well practiced and will do much better and less nervous about being in the water:) I am looking forward to the day that he gets his card at the end of the class when he graduates to the Dolphin class!!! Matisse will have competition soon!

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