Wednesday of change

Matisse got his dream to come true. Soccer was finally back on the front burner after having been on hold for over two years during the pandemic. He got al signed up and bought the needed equipment.

But, when the practice day was announced, I was a little disappointed. It fell on the same day as scouts. Even if Matisse really warms up to going to scouts, the draw of soccer was even stronger! Will the two days always conflict, I do not know, but for now, Matisse will not be active in scouts.

When the day finally came, it was going to be an evening of driving around dropping off and picking up kids at 2 different locations.

It was a simple enough task. But, we were 15 minutes late fro Matisse’s practice, and 30 minutes late for Alvin’s scouts. I was able to hang out with scouts for 15 minutes before leaving.

While waiting for Matisse to finish soccer, we ended p leaving at 10 minutes before scouts ended. We were 20 minutes late. I arranged for someone to watch him until I got there, but it turned out that scouts was over 20 minutes late in finishing and leaving. We made it on time. Matisse even got to hang out with his friends after scouts:)

Next time, we will leave early in order to get Matisse to soccer early, and then Alvin and I can make it only 5-10 minutes late to scouts. Things will get better!

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