Saturday of swimming, and then some!

Our day was busy, and still had fun!

Swimming started off the end of the morning where Alvin went to swimming, and Matisse went to his new possible high school.

Alvin and I mad e quick, and slightly late walk to the YMCA. Once there, he rushed over to his class.

While Alvin was swimming, I bumped into Georges’ parents(George from scouts). Turns out he takes lessons at the YMCA as well. When Alvin was done, he came over and said HI to Georges’ parents.

Matisse saved the day and brought a trowel . I forgot to get Alvins towel.

While waiting for Matisse to finish his class, Alvin and I headed out to the playground at the YMCA and had some fun.

After the lessons, we headed over to the library to return some books.

On our walk home, we stopped at a persons house with large crab apples. They were home so we asked if they would mind if we picked them They agreed with no problem. Yeah! We will be making some new crap apple jelly:)

When we finally got home, we had a little rest before the grand event of the day: Melissa’s birthday! The boys could not wait to go. Matisse always love family gatherings: LOTS OF FOOD!

The boys played all night. Alvin tended to bounce around as usual. Matisse hung out with his cousins and played a few games.

By the time the festivities were over, we got home and it was almost 9PM.

A great way to end our day:)

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