Sleep over, the start of more to come…

The idea was planted a week earlier. The four neighborhood stooges(Matisse, Marlone, Mohamed and Naveed) had this great idea of a sleep over at our house. Well, 4 and 1/2 stooges actually(the 1/2 being Alvin of course!). The following weekend was going to be a madhouse of a time with all the buddies over. Video games and other crazy things to do!!

Things deviated when the location was going to be changed Naveeds house.

It was mentioned once, and I asked why the need the change. In the end, the sleepover was at our house.

Friday night rolls around and the idea was to have a food pizza, video games and some other activities. Marlone and Naveed almost did not show up. After a little discussion, they all showed up, and we decided on the kinds of pizza toppings that they all wanted.

They all then ran down and played FIFA soccer on Mohameds’ playstation. They played for a good while after eating pizza, and at one point, Naveed and Marlone decided to head on home, since they were not staying the night. The two and a half stooges who remained, ended up “going to bed” since it was too late.

But, silly as I was, I believed them! Joke was on me. They stayed down there talking for the next hour or so before silence finally took over and dreams floated in…

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