Staycation before Minnesota!

We had an extra day to hang out in our home town. We were going to play a bit, work a little and have some fun.

After a filling pancake, sausage and bake potato pieces, they boys found the neighborhood kids and went out for a play.

We went to the local park and played frisbee a bit and after they got bored, we headed home. After that, the great rollerblade session was planned.

Unfortunately, Alvin had a fall on his bike, and the rollerblading was cancelled. Alvin got a good scrape on the side of his knee cap. This needed cleaning and bandaging. He also hit his mouth on something when he fell, and his loose tooth popped out. I was more worried about his other teeth in case they were damaged. After a quick worried inspection, they seemed to be okay.

After a bit of relaxing, and supper, we went for an outing to a local park not too far from the house. We discovered a recently installed kids playground at the Ahuntsic park. Both Matisse and Alvin proved to us the amazing feats of running up a giant hill.

Every one was rewarded for the amazing running skills by a cool ice cream cone:)

Then we went home and went o bed:)

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