Final flight(s)…

We were all ready to get back to the airport in order to finally take a plane to MInnesota. Bags were packed, and it was time to leave. Our flight was changed a bit. Instead of a direct flight, we would pass through Chicago. This si not ideal, but at least we will be on our way.

Upon arriving at the airport, we lucked out and got a parking space right next to the elevator. We emptied the car and headed towards the check in counter. We made our way through the line for the scanner and made it through in relatively no time. We were happy. I was a little worried, because we had 30 minutes to get from one gate to another. But, the lady at the counter showed us that it was pretty close and that we’d make it. Almost perfect.

Customs was a breeze and we were off for the long wait until the plane left. We got ready for our wait. While waiting, I did learn on a second flight leaving later, but it was direct. But, after waiting in line, and asking the check in counter, there were already 30 people waiting to get the few remaining seats. Will not work.

When we only had 25 minutes before take out, no one was on board. I was getting a little worried. Unbeknownst to us, there was another delay of 30 minutes. When we finally left, it was over an hour and 15 minutes past the original departure time. Meaning, we would get to Chicago the same time that our flight to Minneapolis would leave. I was, kind of concerned, but we were stuck, because the later flight flying direct to Minneapolis was booked beyond full. We either stayed home or hopped on the plane.

We hopped on the plane!!!

Flight went well, and Myrtelle checked the inflight internet allowing up visiting Air Canada flight information. It confirmed what I feared. We were arriving when the second plane would be taking off.

We arrived at the airport and ran to the second plane. It was sitting there and had not left, BUT, they closed the door, and were letting no one on board:( We were stuck in Chicago.

After being changing flights rather quickly with United Airlines, we found the Air Canada check out counter. They said no problem, we can book you are hotel due to the late flight. We sat down and waited for them to call us when the hotel was ready and booked. They even offered us 2 $20 vouchers each for meals. Kind of nice, considering…

30 minutes passed and it was after 9:30PM… Kids were tired… And we still had no room to stay… We bit the bullet and walked across the street and stayed in what we thought was the fancy Hilton. Fancy name, pricey room. Once we were in the room, the air conditioner turned on every 10 minutes making lots of noise, and the toilet would not stop running until I fixed it. One expects a lot better from this type of hotel.

After a short night, we got up and headed back to the airport, so we would not miss the plane, in case the check in lines were long.

We made it through the lines pretty quickly and had plenty of time to have breakfast before catching the plane.

We were happy just to get on the plane, but exhausted having to bounce around and not knowing how we would eventually arrive at our destination.

We hopped on the plane and flew away form Chicago!

Upon arriving in Fargo, we grabbed our bags and headed to the counters for car rentals.

After spending 15 minutes looking for a car, non were available for more than 3 days, and none were available to drive and leave by the Minneapolis airport. We needed to find a new way to Grandmas’ house:(

I called Grandma and told her that we were stuck at the airport and no rental cars were available. She asked me to call back in 15 minutes. So I hung up and waited….

After calling back, she said that auntie princess(Lynda) would be by soon to save the day.

When she showed up, we were all happy to see her. We loaded up the car and headed to the meeting point have way to Grandma house.

When we got there, we were very happy to see her. But, she was having a problem. Her car woudl not start, even after just getting here car from the garage 2 days before!!

Auntie Lynda gave her a boost and we were set to go!!

We had a good trip back to her house and where happy to settle in, after it took 3 days to get to here house!!!!

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