Walk to the park!

Another long day that we decided to end it with a walk to the park. Mom was out with a friend for dinner, and we headed out.

Our walks are also colorful, since all three of us talk about different things. Matisse starts off unsmiley, but does not take long that he is a cheery and active part of the conversation. Alvin, he cheery inquisitive self is always asking questions.

Once we arrived, the park had a few visitors. Not full like on a Saturday afternoon when it is beautiful out, but enough to make it interesting.

I sat down for a few minutes and let Matisse and Alvin do thee thing. Matisse could not rsist the call of the excersize equipment and jumped on them to start showing me how strong he is by dong some chin ups. He could do 4 of them. Well, 4 more than me:) Alvin, I think that he found himself a new calling in life. We will call him the Goose Gatherer! He decided to make himself at home in the middle of a flock of feeding geese who were happily razing away ad finding out little food to eat. He was walking around with them acting like a little goose himself.

It did not take long that Matisse, who only a few minutes earlier was calling Alvin silly for playing with the geese, jumped in the game himself with the geese was was chasing the geese right along with his silly little brother:) He couldn’t resist:) They had so much fun that they chased all the geese away!!

Then it was time for all of to start our daily excersize routine. All of us tried doing pushups(or modified easier ones of the less strong like me;-)

After our work out, we headed on home to find mom had already arrived, and heading for her walk! We are all getting in shape:)

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