Litttle Guppy surprises as usual!

Every parent is biased in their view of things. I’ll admit it from the start. Would you? 😉

Alvin is a little boy who loves to praise swimming and all the good things that he will do in the water, but when it is time to go for his lesson, he is 100%, dead set against going, or even getting in the water!

Today was no different! He would not get ready, , then when he was dressed, he would not go to the car. When we finally got to the pool, he was still not going to get in the water. After a little coaxing, we took the stairs into the water. Reluctantly he followed.

He is a little boy who while he wants to learn how to swim, he is scared of the water and that he might sink, even when dad is right there holding on to him.

As usual, by the end of the lesson, and he super happy, after having learned how to glide on his back and he kind of succeeded on gliding on his belly. The great moment was when he jumped into the water, twice! One more great achievement to share with Mom, big brother and grandma.

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Little Leader

On our weekly trek to the YMCA for swimming lessons, I was able to see something that was kind of cool. Matisse was at his class as usual, and i was reading the news and my book. I’d look over every so often and Matisse was learning his Dolphin level skills. It was during one of these glances that I saw Matisse and his swimming mates walking towards the deep end of the pool when I noticed that Matisse is the tallest child in his class. Like by at least 2-3 years worth! Learning to swim is done at all ages, I just had not remarked the big different in age before. Like Matisse if the leader, and the rest are hanging out as his sidekicks. Was funny to see!

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Big Bro and Lil’ Bro, high road adventures

The day had come. The bikes were fixed. We made a last trip to the bike shop to get the missing piece for the brakes.

Every one was happy on the way home. Their bikes were ready to go, even though we have to walk home(Dad had no bike !).

After the long trek back to the homestead, Matisse and Alvin took no time to hop on there bikes and took a spin around. Before I knew it, there was a group of 5-6 kids cruising around the neighborhood. Matisse was of course ready to go, but it was really nice to see Alvin become part of the group. He was not, officially, one o the cool members of the bikers club:)

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Big Brother off biking with friends

When the Matissse decides to go off biking with his friends and Alvins bike is out of commission, Alvin, is unhappy. He really wants to go out on the road with Matisse and all the friends. No go. Alvin is mad, sad and frustrated all wrapped into one.

After Matisse spons away I offer to go to the park with him. He gladly accepts. It was a chilly day, and we dress warmly. We head to parc Marbourogh.

I saw that day that when not influenced by Matisse desires or dislikes, Alvin can go play with out worrying about his big brothers wished. He was allowed to be himself. I enjoyed that, because at times, Alvin is trying to be so much like Matisse, the coolest big brother ever. But, Matisse is not one to reciprocate all the time.

I am glad we were able to hang out together and we have some fun on the chilly day.

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Walk to the bike store…

We were off to get the missing ingredients to our future bike rides and pick up Dads bike after being repaired.

Alvin’s bike needed a cable and a couple of peices for the brakes for his back wheel.

It was a nice cool sunny day and we headed off to the bike store by foot. It is only a 15-20 minute walk a way. It is always eventful going on walks with these two clowns, as they always have a way of having fun, with a few little arguments in between for fun.

Getting to the bike store, we had to wait as spring in a busy time for bike shops!

Once buying the needed parts, we headed home. The walk home was nice, and by the time we got home, it was lunch time.

We fixed the bikes after lunch, and the new season had officially begun!

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Garage and bicycles – go hand in hand

Matisse and Alvin want to ride their bikes! All kids love riding bikes(even big kids!). That new found freedom to travel faster that the wind.

Well, when the bike is not working, that puts a damper on those springtime dreams.

After buying the derailleur and fixing the little piece that connects the derailleur and the frame, last week, we can install it.

Matisses bike needed the derailleurs and adjustment of it. But, before getting to that, I realized that the peice connecting the derailleur to the frame had its threads messed up a little. I was going to just try and buy a new one. But, while cleaning the garage a little I ended u p finding my tap and die tool kit. I was able to correct the threads and I was then able to connect the derailleur! MY inheritance from my dearest dad has not served we twice:) Two ore times that I ever thought.

I then proceeded adjust gears and Matisse was good to go!

Alven, on th eother hand, was not so lucky:( WE adjusted the gears! yeah! We installed missing break cable, almost…

There was the screw that was needed on the break system to hold the wire that was missing. The bike store was closed, so Alvin would have to wait a few more days to ride his beloved bicycle… Sorry Alvin:(

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Spring cleaning and planting!

Let’s be honest, who likes spring cleaning? The leftovers from the winters play ground. People tend to drop things and they end up on the ground, no to be seen until the thaw and melting of the spring.

Well, we decided to do a little more cleaning of the yard since company was coming over for Easter celebrations. We walked around and picked up the garbage and through it away, recycled what we could, and composted the rest.

I also had some potatoes that have been around a little too long and either needed composting or planting. If truth be told, I was saving them for planting, so that we could grow a few of our own.

Alvin and Matisse helped move the plant pots to the blueberry garden, and filled them with dirt. They each got three potatoes and a shovel. They both planted their potatoes. Now, the many week caring and waiting until we get some of our own fresh potatoes.

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Swimming lessons!

The joys of water are always underestimated by adults. Kids, for some strange reason, can find hours of fun in the water. Jumping in puddles, running in the rain, and running trough a sprinkler.

Well, Matisse is well on his way to becoming an olympic swimmer(He jumped from the Walrus group to the Dolphins!), Alvin is only taking is first “official” swimming lessons.

His excitement ends when his toes touch the water, and the trembling of chill and mild fear sets in. But, once he calms down, he is able to kind of float on his back and keep his head under water for 5 seconds!

He even, at the last challenge of the day, was able to jump into the water and smile when he floats back up to the surface.

At the end of each lesson, as usual, he is always excitement by the new found skills that he can share with Mom, Manou and his big brother.

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